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More than 11,000 people were affected by breast cancer in Belgium in 2021. Unfortunately, this figure is incorrect.
Breast cancer also impacts their families, friends, loved ones, ...


So that neither the breast nor the heart suffers.
So that neither loss nor absence takes hold.


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The story of Valentine: experiencing the diagnosis of a family member and its impact on the family as a young teenager

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According to the most recent statistics, over 11,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in Belgium in 2021, making this the most diagnosed cancer in women in the country. Unfortunately, this figure is incorrect. Breast cancer not only affects the lives of those directly diagnosed but also has a profound impact on their families, friends, loved ones, and colleagues.

Among those who often suffer silently and are profoundly impacted are children, who may experience emotional challenges when a parent or close family member is facing the disease or undergoing treatment.

Valentine, at only 17, is one of these. As a young child, she witnessed not only her aunt going through breast cancer, but also her grandmother. Watching her loved ones go through treatment and not knowing how to help was a scary and confusing period for her. Seeing the impact of both her grandmother’s and aunt’s treatments on her own mother left her with a sense of confusion and helplessness.

I was there a lot to support my mom because her sister is one of the people she loves the most in the world. She was truly devastated by the news, so I provided her with a lot of support, being there for her. I did small things, nothing grand, but it meant a lot to her. I was there for her. Taking care of my mom was not easy, but I have always been there for her when things are tough. I remember, for example, when she received the news, words weren't very helpful, but I was physically there for her

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Pink October "I miss you" campaign

For some, «I miss you» reminds them of the pain in their hearts following the loss of a loved one, and the lack of understanding in the eyes of people around them. For others, it will be a matter of grieving for their previous life or for a breast, an important symbol of femininity and maternity.

«I miss you» is also a message of hope. Like a postcard that you send to a friend you are looking forward to seeing again. It is also the hope of soon regaining a new version of yourself, of re-emerging after multiple treatments.

You can make a difference. You can help save lives.

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