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How your company can make a difference

Research is the only way to understand breast cancer, how and why it progresses, and how it can ultimately be stopped.

How your company can make a difference

There are many areas of research that hold great promise for patients but have no particular interest for the pharmaceutical industry.

For example, it is possible that many patients could be cured or otherwise benefit from “lighter” exposure to traditional cancer treatments, by reducing the duration of drugs or radiation. Other studies aim to help us better understand how the disease evolves and spreads, whether women who have had breast cancer can safely interrupt treatment to try to conceive, or why some types of breast cancer are particularly aggressive.

Such research holds tremendous potential for women and men with the disease and promises long-term gains for society, in all regions of the world. Our goal is to improve patient survival and quality of life, by finding the right treatment for every patient.

The money raised by BIG against breast cancer is directly invested into innovative academic research that makes a BIG difference for patients and their loved ones.

Every corporate partner helps make this research possible through their support. Join our community of engaged corporate partners. Be part of today’s research, for tomorrow’s cures.

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We are BIG against breast cancer.

By becoming a partner with BIG against breast cancer you are demonstrating your commitment to bettering the lives of millions of people around the world, and that you are directly part of the solution.

There are many ways your company can support BIG and its research.

Here below are a few ways your company can get involved, but we are open to other ideas that you may have.

Financial corporate sponsorship

Your company can choose to become a yearly sponsor or donate money to sponsor a specific event or campaign that is aligned with your corporate identity.

In-Kind corporate sponsorship

Support comes in many forms. An extremely helpful way your organisation could help us is by giving an in-kind donation to support an event, campaign, or BIG’s work in general. Examples of in-kind donations include offering graphic design services, goodies, raffle prizes, photography or translation services, venues for events, and more.

Media corporate sponsorship

Your company could give us a helping hand with more visibility for BIG against breast cancer by covering the cost of promoting philanthropic events and campaigns. This could include radio promotions, TV ads, or printed advertisements.

Cause marketing

What about taking the opportunity to engage your customers through your brand? Simply allocate a percentage of your total turnover, or a percentage of the sales of a specific product or service, to breast cancer research. It’s the opportunity to communicate your support for a cause that impacts so many people in our communities.

Gift matching programme

Are you looking for a way to engage your employees in a good cause close to their hearts? By setting-up a gift-matching programme you encourage them to make a donation, while you pledge to match all donations received.

Corporate fundraising challenge

Directly involve your employees in a company-wide fundraising challenge via the platform. This is both a great way to foster team spirit and a fun way of raising funds for BIG to help push forward research against breast cancer.

In exchange for your support, BIG against breast cancer ensures that your brand is given visibility alongside an internationally recognised scientific not-for-profit (via social media, event communication tools, interviews shared among our community, and much more!).

By helping us, we also help you ensure that your CSR objectives are met.

We believe that together we will find better treatments and cures for breast cancer!

We would love to hear from you! Contact us via the form below:

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