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‘BIG Time for Baby’ continues to advance thanks to the generous support of donors around the globe and 86 healthy babies were born in the context of the study.

As of May 2019, a milestone was reached with the enrolment of 400 women in the study, nearly meeting its objective to enrol 500 women. Projections indicate the study will have 500 patients by mid-2020. These women will be followed for 10 years.

The study, launched in 2014, is giving hope to thousands of women wishing to have a baby after breast cancer.

Dr. Andrea Gombos Principal Investigator (Jules Bordet Institute), Brussels, Belgium said of the study, “I think everybody should be aware that this academic study took long and huge efforts to be developed and tremendous work is ongoing to coordinate all sites during recruitment and follow up and to ensure the quality of the collected data. It is different from a pharma-driven study because funding opportunities for such an initiative are limited.”

POSITIVE, the official scientific name of the study, was developed for all young breast cancer patients who face the disease before having realized their family planning wishes. Women with breast cancer may not have time to wait until after 5 to 10 years of treatment before considering pregnancy.

The ‘BIG Time for Baby’ study expects to provide an answer to the question of whether women can interrupt their endocrine treatment to try to have a baby, without increasing the risk of cancer recurrence.  Twenty countries within BIG’s network are taking part in this study.

Spread hope, support this study.

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