Ultrarunner Hilde Dosogne (53) aims for a world record

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Marathon Woman Hilde Dosogne will run a marathon every day in 2024 and raise funds for BIG’s breast cancer research – Support her!

Running a marathon every day for a year. It may sound like an incredible idea, but that’s exactly what experienced athlete Hilde Dosogne plans to do. “The body can achieve what the mind can believe,” says Hilde. “Breaking the world record would be fantastic, but my main ambition is to encourage healthy movement and raise funds for charities like BIG against breast cancer.”

Upon learning about Hilde’s ambitious endeavour, BIG reached out to her for further insights into her motivation and the underlying inspiration driving her remarkable athletic pursuit. Hilde enthusiastically embraced the opportunity and wholeheartedly pledged to carry out her extraordinary feat in support of BIG’s mission. Brace yourself for her inspiring response (heartwarming!):

“The goal is to run a marathon every day of the year, aiming to become the first woman ever to achieve this feat. And of course, I find it important and only natural that I, once again, put my best feet forward for BIG against breast cancer en BIG’s breast cancer research. Because what they do is incredibly important and has already led to groundbreaking results and medical breakthroughs. But we’re not there yet! Further research is crucial if we want to continue improving the lifespan and quality of life of breast cancer patients… and, ultimately, find a cure.”

Let’s not forget that metastatic breast cancer is still incurable. The story of my friend Joëlle (54), also an ultrarunner (and triathlete) who completed the Marathon des Sables in 2017, deeply touched me. After being cancer-free for 13 years, she experienced a recurrence with brain metastases three years ago. Fortunately, the brain tumour could be removed, and she survived, but the surgery has had lasting consequences. And to think that she has always embraced a healthy lifestyle and been an avid sports enthusiast. She still has to undergo weekly physiotherapy sessions and will most likely never be able to participate in sports as she did before. Additionally, she has to take medication for the rest of her life and go for regular check-ups. It is a heavy burden, both for Joëlle and her family. Moreover, it brings uncertainty, doubts, helplessness, and fear… Is there a new personalised treatment that offers more hope and a better quality of life? How can we prevent and stop metastases? The European and academic AURORA research programme, coordinated by BIG from Belgium, can help provide answers to these questions.

Read Joëlle’s compelling testimony hier vinden.

With heartfelt compassion for Joëlle and all those who share her journey, I have initiated a dedicated fundraising page. It serves as a beacon of hope and solidarity to them and to their families, friends, and colleagues who are also grappling with the weight of this cruel twist of fate. Together, let’s stand as a resolute symbol of unwavering support.

DONATE through my fundraiser on the MoveforBIG.org platform!

The greater the support I receive and the more funds we can raise, the more meaningful my challenge will be. I guarantee you this: every euro will fuel my determination to push forward, to persevere, and never give up. Together, we can do this. Together, we are stronger and will overcome breast cancer faster.

The funds raised will be directly invested in BIG’s academic studies, such as AURORA (research on metastatic breast cancer), POSITIVE (research on safe pregnancy with breast cancer) and EXPERT (determining which patients can safely avoid radiotherapy). These studies come with a significant price tag as they serve no commercial interest and therefore are not funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

That’s why each and every donation holds immense significance. As the gifts pour in, the possibilities for these studies increase rapidly. And with every contribution, we ignite a flicker of hope, hastening our stride towards a remedy and widening the scope of our potential breakthroughs.

Thank you for your support!


For detailed information about Hilde and her incredible sports challenge, please refer to the project presentation and the press release that was issued on 4/07/2023.

Also, see the article from Het Nieuwsblad / De Gentenaar (4/07/2023)

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