Today is International Clinical Trials Day 2019

Hope and progress - 20 years of research

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Today is international Clinical Trials Day, a day to highlight the importance of clinical trials and their impact on patients around the globe, but also to put a spotlight on the expertise and commitment of all the people involved in designing and conducting these trials.

For the last 20 years, BIG has been dedicated to developing and conducting major international clinical trials and research programmes to find better breast cancer treatments. This is thanks to the hard work of its 59 academic member groups as well as the participation and contribution of 10s of thousands of patients.  

Women diagnosed with breast cancer 20 years ago had limited treatment options and a low survival rate. But today, thanks to research efforts, we understand much more about breast cancer, and patients have access to many more individualised treatments.

This year, BIG is celebrating its 20th anniversary, 20 years of spreading hope and progress.

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