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New BIG Research in Focus - Fighting breast cancer around the globe - Northern Europe
Fighting breast cancer around the globe: Northern Europe

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This April issue of the BIG Research in Focus series, centred on BIG member groups from different regions around the world, describes the breast cancer research situation in Northern Europe, specifically in Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden.

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The feature article includes interviews with Professors Jonas Bergh (Sweden), Barbro Linderholm (Sweden), Bjørn Naume (Norway) and Mina Tanner (Finland). These leading Nordic breast cancer experts provide us with their valuable insights into breast cancer in their countries.

They discuss recent progress and future strategies, research challenges and advantages of working with smaller populations and their hopes for the future. The Nordic countries have among the lowest breast cancer mortality rates in the world. They have frequently been at the forefront of breast cancer research that has shaped worldwide clinical practice.

BIG’s dedicated philanthropy unit, BIG against breast cancer, conducts vital fundraising to support BIG’s clinical trials and research programmes that have no commercial interest but are crucial for breast cancer patients. The funds raised – through the generosity of foundations, companies, ambassadors, and other individuals – contribute to the work of BIG member groups and their affiliated hospitals, and help support patient participation in a study. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related public health measures, planned events had to be cancelled and we had to re-invent how to reach BIG’s community of supporters, as described in the section “BIG Network”.

None of BIG’s achievements would be possible without the BIG network and its willingness to work together. Despite all the challenges COVID-19 poses, BIG continues its efforts to advance breast cancer research, demonstrating persistence and resilience, which is needed when conducting large international academic trials. The section “Other trials and activities by BIG Member Groups” gives a peek at BIG member’s research and related activities around the world. You will also find a few examples of how some BIG member groups address(ed) the pandemic.

Finally, an overview of the current clinical studies and trials run within the BIG network is provided.

We hope you will enjoy the reading!

Download the Research in Focus here

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