BIG Annual Report 2023 is out!

Annual Report 2023

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Determination saves lives

Advancing breast cancer research despite funding challenges

The annual report is available as pdf.

Welcome to BIG’s Annual Report 2023!

The theme, ”determination”, demonstrates the commitment and resilience of BIG’s member groups and staff at Hoofdzetel van BIG over the past nearly 25 years. The report is a tribute to the relentless determination of BIG’s global network, including research groups, patient communities, ambassadors, donors, and allies. It reflects on the visionary leadership of co-founders Drs. Martine Piccart and the late Aron Goldhirsch, whose pioneering efforts have shaped BIG’s mission.


BIG’s Annual Report 2023 highlights the network’s activities and key achievements from the past year.

Securing funding for academic breast cancer research remains a significant challenge. Our discussions and initiatives, including the BIG-EORTC Pink October 2023 webinar and insights shared in BIG’s publications, show our determination to overcome these hurdles.


One example of how determination moves our work forward is the 1 million euro operating grant BIG secured for the BIG-SCOPE project. Awarded through a highly competitive selection process under the EU4Health Programme for the period February through December 2023, it strengthened our financial resources for work that is essential for a non-profit organisation like BIG, but traditionally difficult to fund. This grant provided co-funding for a portion of BIG’s operating costs, including staff salaries and expenses related to our scientific and other meetings, communications, and philanthropy, rather than direct support for any particular BIG study. Additionally, it greatly facilitated initiatives such as the BIG Patient Partnership Initiative (BIG-PPI), empowering our patient partners and integrating their perspectives into our research.


The sections BIG Research en BIG Netwerk give a peek at BIG-lidgroepen’ research and related activities around the world. Our research was featured at major international conferences such as ASCO en SABCS. Despite the absence of groundbreaking discoveries, these presentations highlight the steady progress of research and our belief in its power to save lives. The data presented at these conferences related to AURORA, NeoALLTO, SOFT, ALEXANDRA/Impassion030, APHINITY, PALLAS, POSITIVE, and PYTHIA.


BIG against breast cancer, BIG’s dedicated philanthropy unit, conducts vital fundraising to support BIG’s clinical trials and research programmes that are not driven by commercial interest but hold great significance for breast cancer patients, such as AURORA, EXPERT en POSITIVE. The funds raised provide the means for BIG-lidgroepen and their affiliated hospitals, and other partners, to finance their efforts and patient participation in a study. This is made possible through the generosity of foundations, companies, ambassadors, and many other individuals who contribute to our cause. The section BIG Philanthropy provides an overview of our initiatives, including our Pink October “I Miss You” awareness campaign and various philanthropic events.


In name of everyone at BIG, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all member groups, partners, faithful ambassadors, donors and staff for their support and collaborative spirit to help advance breast cancer research. And, just as importantly, we wish to thank and honour the thousands of patients who participate in our trials and work with us to develop tomorrow’s cures.


Enjoy the reading.

Professor David Cameron

Voorzitter van BIG


Together, with determination, we will overcome the challenges of breast cancer

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