BIG Annual Report 2019

Together we make a real difference in patients'lives, both today and in the future
20 years of extracting the best in breast cancer treatments

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In 2019, BIG celebrated its 20th anniversary. For over 20 years, the Breast International Group (BIG) and its global network of academic research groups have been working together to find better treatments and cures for breast cancer. 

BIG is committed to providing clear and timely information about its research activitiesfondsenwervingsinitiatieven en finances and is pleased to present its latest Annual Report. 

The feature article, “Two decades of breast cancer research: extracting the best in breast cancer”, sheds light on breast cancer de-escalation therapies. By tailoring treatments more precisely to individual patient needs, the hope is to safely reduce the amount of treatment some patients receive, without affecting their recovery or increasing the risk of recurrence.

BIG against breast cancer, BIG’s dedicated philanthropy unit, conducts vital fundraising to support BIG’s clinical trials and research programmes that have no commercial interest but are crucial for breast cancer patients. The section “BIG Philanthropy” provides an overview of activities carried out by BIG against breast cancer.

We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our member groups, partners, supporters, donors, fundraisers and staff for their tireless determination to help advance breast cancer research and treatment. Everything that we achieve is possible because we do it together.

And, just as importantly, we wish to thank and honour the 1000s of patients who participate in our trials and work with us to develop tomorrow’s cures.

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