A round table with Her Majesty

The Queen of the Belgians, Martine Piccart and David Cameron
On Thursday 29 September, the Breast International Group had the honour of hosting its Honorary President, Her Royal Highness the Queen of the Belgians, around a round table session with over 40 influential people from the Belgian Business world.

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This exclusive event was organised following an idea of Her Majesty. It brought to the table patients, scientists, and businesspeople to discuss about the current situation of breast cancer in the world and the breadth of the research conducted by the BIG Network for the last 23 years. 

The aim was also to further raise awareness about the importance of supporting BIG’s research in order to improve treatments and ultimately develop cures.

Attendees were divided into five groups, with each one touching on a specific topic:

  • Why is BIG unique,
  • Metastatic breast cancer,
  • The future of research,
  • Male breast cancer,
  • The de-escalation of treatments.

The event was concluded with a walking lunch accompanied by the elegant tunes of students from the Saint John Berchmanscollege.

Live the experience:

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Portrait of Sherene Loi, member of the executive board and medical oncologist

Professor Sherene Loi awarded

BIG Executive Board Member Professor Sherene Loi awarded the 2021 Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences’ Jian Zhou Medal