US and EU join efforts to accelerate progress in immunotherapies: interview with Prof. Hortobagyi

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- 22 October 2016 -


For more than ten years now BIG and the North American Breast Cancer Group (NABCG) have been meeting annually and in topic-specific working groups. Together they identify difficult aspects of breast cancer research and collaborate to resolve common problems.

This collaboration is supported by the generous help of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Throughout the year, experts in the working groups join efforts to debate issues and design new research projects suitable for the two networks. This collaborative work concludes with a yearly two-day brainstorming meeting held alternatively in the US and in Europe.

Chaired by Professor Gabriel Hortabogyi [1] and Professor Fabrice André [2], the 2016 edition of the BIG-NABCG annual meeting took place in Chicago on 1-2 June and focused its discussions on the role of immunotherapy in breast cancer research and treatment. Insights into this intensive meeting and the trans-Atlantic collaboration are described here by Dr Gabriel Hortobagyi.


'There are multiple avenues of immunological intervention that could be explored.[...] A division of labour would move the field forward faster than independent and uncoordinated efforts.'