Pre-IMPAKT 2017 Training Course : Translational Research in Breast Cancer

Intro text: 
Wednesday 4 January 2017


In collaboration with the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO), we are pleased to announce that the Pre-IMPAKT 2017 Training Course will take place on the 3 and 4 May 2017 in Brussels, Belgium
This course is organised and designed for early to mid-career oncologists and research scientists.  

This year's training course, designed Drs. Christine Desmedt, Fabrice André, Peter Schmid and Bruno Sinn, aims to provide young oncologists, research scientists, pathologists and basic science PhD students with the tools and basic notions to understand translational research that are relevant to patient care in breast cancer.

100 participants are chosen by the IMPAKT 2017 Scientific Committee based on applications.  
Wish to apply? Find out how here.

Training course learning objectives :

  • To understand the importance of translational research and how its integration can advance solving current clinical problems for breast cancer patients
  • To understand essentials in breast cancer biology and immunology 
  • To understand importance of molecular targets in breast cancer and basic concepts in drug targeting, including basics in statistics and clinical trial design
  • To understand the rapidly evolved research areas on new techniques and technologies and their relevance for research and treatment of breast cancer
  • To understand from different perspectives, the concept of translations of research findings from the biomarker to the clinic

Following completion of the course, participants will receive accreditation from ESMO-MORA as well as CME.

Why attend?

  • Receive a high-level scientific overview of ongoing translational research in the field of breast cancer and exchange opinions with breast cancer researchers, scientists and clinicians
  • Get perspective from top experts about advances on a molecular level exploited for clinical purposes
  • Stay up to date with scientific progress in breast cancer research as the therapeutic road from the laboratory to the clinic shortens
  • Focus on premier data and technologies that sharpen the knife of molecular dissection and define the cellular structures that determine responsiveness to novel therapies
  • Present your research data to a high-profile audience of international experts, where the focus is on hot topics in breast cancer research that are of interest to multiple disciplines
  • Network with specialists from all breast cancer research related disciplines


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