- 3 May 2022 -

Fighting breast cancer around the globe

The OlympiA Trial: new hope for women and men with BRCA mutations

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New issue of BIG Research in Focus available

The themed article of this edition of the BIG Research in Focus highlights the OlympiA trial. The results published last year were greeted with great interest and enthusiasm across the breast cancer community. For the first time, research showed that patients who carry a mutation in the BRCA1/2 genes and have developed a high-risk, HER2-negative, early breast cancer, benefited from adjuvant treatment with the PARP inhibitor olaparib after completing local treatment and neoadjuvant or adjuvant chemotherapy. Medical journalist Jenny Bryan discusses the background to OlympiA and the implications for breast cancer care with some of those closest to this important global collaborative trial. The article is based on interviews with Professor Andrew Tutt, Professor Judy Garber, Professor David Cameron, Dr Tanja Spanic and Ms Sue Friedman.

The section “BIG Network” includes news on two Indian BIG member groups: BIEI (Breast Intergroup of Eastern India) and ICON ARO (Indian Co-Operative Oncology Network).

It also provides an overview of activities carried out by BIG against breast cancer (BIG’s dedicated philanthropy unit within BIG HQ). It conducts vital fundraising to support BIG’s clinical trials and research programmes that have no commercial interest but are crucial for breast cancer patients. The funds raised – through the generosity of foundations, companies, ambassadors, and other individuals – contribute to the work of BIG member groups and their affiliated hospitals and help support patient participation in a study. A special mention goes to the many personal fundraising initiatives launched by individuals via our MoveforBIG platform.

The section “Clinical Trials and Activities” gives an update on BIG trials, their status and abstracts presented at Virtual SABSC 2021.

The section “Other trials and activities by BIG Member Groups” gives a peek at BIG member’s research and related activities around the world.

Finally, an overview of all the clinical studies and trials run within the BIG network is provided. We hope you will enjoy the reading!