Introducing the newest team members at BIG HQ.

Intro text: 
Friday 17 November 2017

BIG Headquarters is very happy to welcome its newest team members:  Maite Lasa as a Project Manager, Jorge-Luis Martinez as Medical advisor and Diana Moreno Fernández as Legal Counsel.


Maite Lasa – Project Manager

Maite is Spanish and has been living in Belgium for about 30 years. After obtaining a degree in biomedical science and a master’s in pharmacology from the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium, she started her career in clinical research by working for phase I clinical trials, first as a study coordinator and CRA, then as a project manager.

Along her career, Maite has had the opportunity to work in various therapeutic areas, from nutrition, cardiology and neuroscience to oncology. Overall, she is equipped with over ten years of experience in clinical research, working mainly for pharmaceutical companies but also for not-for-profit organisations.

Maite joined BIG Headquarters in September 2017 as a project manager. One of her main responsibilities includes managing the administrative and operational activities of AURORA, a large international research programme launched by BIG in 2014 and aiming to better understand metastatic breast cancer.

“Working for BIG means for me working for something that makes sense, namely, helping to improve the quality of life and hopefully save human lives.”

She finds it inspiring that BIG promotes collaboration between experts working in the same field in order to reach a common goal. About her own personal goal, she says she would like to bring added value to the organisation thanks to her professional experience.

When she is not in the office Maite enjoys reading, travelling and doing sports. Carpe diem” is her life motto!



Jorge-Luis Martinez, M.D. – Medical Advisor

Jorge comes from Uruguay, which he describes as a small country wedged like a grape between Brazil and Argentina. Captivated from his childhood by all kinds of sciences and by the way the human body functions, he naturally decided to get into medical school, where the idea of being able to use his knowledge to save lives fascinated him.

“In my internship years, I had the chance to meet a lot of patients going through cancer and I could experience a special connection with them during such a challenging time in their lives. That’s when I decided what kind of doctor I wanted to be and started my oncology residency,” Jorge explains. “I had a great mentor throughout that time, Prof Graciela Sabini, who taught me the greatest lesson of all: being a good doctor means treating the patient, not just the disease.”

“Being a good doctor means treating the patient, not just the disease.”

Jorge joined BIG Headquarters (HQ) as a Medical Advisor in September 2017. As a member of the scientific department, he contributes to the development of BIG’s clinical trials and research programmes. Among other activities, he participates in the set-up and follow-up of multinational scientific collaborations involving multiple partners and striving to achieve BIG’s vision: finding a cure for breast cancer through global research and collaboration.

“During my medical oncology residency, I witnessed the contribution of BIG to reduce breast cancer mortality and improve patient quality of life, so joining BIG seemed like a natural step for me.” Jorge says.

Being part of a stimulating environment that contributes to advance breast cancer research through global collaboration makes him feel particularly proud. He is willing to give his best by joining BIG HQ, “a team committed to the faster development of better treatments and to increasing the likelihood of cures for patients.”, to use his own words.  

Being able to contribute to a cause that I love and feel passionate about every day inspires me to be a better person. As the saying goes, find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

In his free time, this enthusiastic and resourceful scientist enjoys travelling and exploring various cultures, as well as learning and creating new things. He loves grabbing his bike and exploring uncharted territory, capturing moments in pictures and writing reviews as a way to keep great experiences always alive.

His motto: “Dream big, work hard, stay focused, and surround yourself with good people.



Diana Moreno Fernández – Legal Counsel

Diana comes from Málaga, Spain, and has been living in Belgium for over five years now.

Young and dynamic, she holds master’s degrees in General Law, as well as Biolaw, Bioethics and IT Law.

Diana joined the BIG Headquarters (HQ) team in September 2017 as a legal counsel. Along with her two colleagues, she provides legal support to BIG, which includes the development, negotiation and coordination of a wide variety of contracts, as well as providing legal advice to BIG HQ and BIG’s governing bodies.

“Considering that BIG’s main purpose is to facilitate the development of breast cancer treatments and improve patient quality of life, the most meaningful part of my work at BIG is to humbly contribute to such a worthy cause.” she says.

Diana is highly motivated to develop her expertise in clinical trials, scientific research, ethics and patients’ rights, as well as in other aspects related to BIG’s activities, in a way that best serves the organisation’s mission.

“I really appreciate the enthusiasm and the involvement of my colleagues in BIG’s projects. It’s encouraging and inspiring for me to see people around me who are passionate about their work.”

Outside the office, Diana attends dance and theatre lessons. She also enjoys reading, travelling and cooking.

Her life motto: Life is what you make it.