Intro text: 

#Babyloading : a campaign that invites you to become the mom or dad of the first (virtual) baby of social networks and create a chain of solidarity to help young women to realise their most beautiful dream.

The campaign has already gained the support of personalities such as Gérald Watelet, Eric Boschman and Pierre Marcolini. The collected funds will support the BIG Time for Baby study.

BIG Time for Baby

"Let’s make a baby together"

How to participate ? Nothing's easier ! As Gérald Watelet, Eric Boschman and Pierre Marcolini, you are invited to:

  1. Post a photo of yourself proudly wearing the round belly of a pregnant woman on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Yes, men should participate too!
  2. Add the comment: "Let’s make a baby together!  #Babyloading ".
  3. Tag 3 of your friends or colleagues and challenge them to do the same within 24hrs or donate to the campaign.