- 8 March 2022 -

Hot on the trail to support breast cancer research!

Booklet "Highway to Hell – How I completed the 35th Marathon des Sables" by Hilde Dosogne

52-year-old Hilde Dosogne, mother of four, bio-engineer and Regulatory Affairs Manager at the Ghent-based chemical company Christeyns, is an ultrarunner and TraKKs ambassador in her spare time. She just very recently won the silver medal at the 2022 Belgian Championship of 24 hours non-stop running! In October 2021, and as part of the TraKKs Team, she participated at the Marathon des Sables (MDS). It was such a special adventure that she wrote a booklet about it: "Highway to Hell – How I completed the 35th Marathon des Sables". Hilde has dedicated it to the many women, men and families affected by breast cancer.

Hilde Dosogne - Valerie Van der Veeken (BIG) & Hilde - Hilde with BIG t-shirt

A book dedicated to Joëlle and all breast cancer patients

Hilde adds: "The story of Joëlle, who ran the Marathon des Sables in 2017 after having had breast cancer ten years earlier, was the impetus for writing this booklet. During the MDS I received a message from Joëlle, wishing me luck. I did not know her, but I had heard a lot about her. The next day, I learned through Valerie, our MDS camp marshal and coincidentally also Joëlle’s best friend (they ran the MDS 2017 together and were then, just like me now, also part of the MDS/TraKKs team), that Joëlle's breast cancer had returned. A metastasis to the brain. Valerie told me that she works for BIG against breast cancer and how important it is to keep investing in breast cancer research. Because metastatic breast cancer is still incurable."

"I was touched by their story and, before the end of the MDS, decided to write a short book about my adventure and dedicate it to Joëlle and all (breast) cancer patients. The everyday struggle they have to go through is nothing compared to running the Marathon des Sables. With this booklet, I hope to offer mental and financial support to everyone fighting this terrible enemy." 

A heartfelt “BIG thank you” to Hilde!

Your perfect guide for the Marathon des Sables

"Highway to Hell" is not only a story of perseverance and willpower, but also the perfect guide to prepare for the Marathon des Sables. Last year, this annual 250 km multi-day running race through the Sahara (Southern Morocco) was tougher than ever! With temperatures up to 57°C! A hellish race that Hilde finished with flying colours and of which almost half of the participants did not make it to the finish line! Woman power!

"Highway to Hell" is a 'warm' recommendation for every (ultra) runner or for anyone who wants to know more about preparing for and experiencing the Marathon des Sables, a unique adventure.

The proceeds of the booklet go directly to BIG's breast cancer research, more specifically to support the AURORA study. For Joëlle, as for many patients living with metastatic breast cancer, the AURORA research programme brings hope. Hope to better understand why the disease returns, which is necessary to develop treatments to stop it. Learn more about the AURORA study here.

Where can I purchase this booklet?

The booklet costs €15 and is sold exclusively for the benefit of BIG.

We wish you happy reading! Thank you for your support.