Getting to know each other better to work more efficiently

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In 2014 an Operational Working Group (OWG) was set up to allow BIG member groups (meeting certain criteria for infrastructure and clinical trial management experience) and BIG Headquarters (HQ) to discuss ways to work more efficiently in the set up and running of BIG co-lead trials. In parallel, three members of the BIG HQ team – Sabine Corachan (Project Management Leader and coordinator of the OWG), Dora Goulioti (Scientific Director), and Carolyn Straehle (Managing Director) – have been travelling to visit groups and meet their operational teams.

These meetings have the objectives to enable 

1) BIG HQ to better understand each group’s structure and capabilities; 

2) The group’s operational team better understand the BIG network and how BIG HQ is organized to support this; and 

3) To discuss group and country-specific particularities relating to trial approval and set-up.   

Whenever possible, Dr Goulioti also presents BIG and its portfolio of programmes and trials at the group’s scientific meetings.

The above initiatives are being complemented by focused discussions with BIG groups active in regions outside of Europe, for example Latin America, India and Asia.

In 2014, five groups were visited – GEICAM (Spain), SOLTI (Spain/ international), ICR-CTSU (UK), LACOG (Latin America/ Caribbean) and UNICANCER (France). In addition, a retreat, organized together with LACOG, was organized with our Latin American group members.   

In 2015, recent visits took place with the NCIC CTG (Canada) and ICORG (Ireland), and several others are being scheduled. 

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