- Tuesday 12 February 2019

BIG-East Asia clinical trial workshop for young investigators participants group photo

First BIG-East Asia clinical trial workshop for young investigators

Intro text: 

On Friday 23 November 2018, the first BIG-East Asia workshop for young investigators took place in Singapore and involved the seven east-Asian member groups from the BIG network.

The workshop - co-chaired by Dr Shinji Ohno (JBCRG), Dr Janice Tsang (HKBOG) and Dr Sung-Bae Kim (KCSG) - stemmed from the wish of the BIG Asian groups to develop young investigators’ experience in international collaboration and participation in international clinical trials, from within the region or under the BIG umbrella. The event, held during the ESMO-Asia Congress in Singapore, was attended by early career breast cancer specialists and senior investigators who serve as their mentors. 

    The main objectives of the workshop were:

    • To develop breast cancer clinical trial ideas under the BIG umbrella, with young investigators serving as the trials’ principal investigators, and run by the Asian groups from the network.
    • To have a series of manuscripts touching on topics relevant to Asian countries written for publication.

    Over the course of the workshop, the early-career investigators presented 9 clinical trial ideas relevant to the East-Asian region. Although all trial ideas were excellent and will likely be further developed in close collaboration with the mentors and early career investigators in the future, three clinical trials ideas were selected as potentially interesting for the BIG network. The projects of Dr Iris Ka Ming Wong, Dr Jae Ho Jeong, and Drs Yukinori Osaki and Makiko Ono will be further developed and presented to BIG member groups at the BIG Scientific Meeting in September 2019.   

    Groups participating in the BIG-East Asia clinical trials workshop for young investigators:

    • Breast Disease Professional Committee of CMEA (BDPCC)
    • Cancer Therapeutics Research Group (CTRG)
    • Hong Kong Breast Oncology Group (HKBOG)
    • Japan Breast Cancer Research Group (JBCRG)
    • Korean Cancer Study Group (KCSG)
    • Taiwan Cooperative Oncology Group (TCOG)
    • Thai Society of Clinical Oncology (TSCO)