The Designers' Christmas Trees

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The 18th November 2015 marked the opening exhibition of the third Belgian edition of 'The Designers' Christmas Trees' in TheHotel. Brussels. For the very first time, 14 pieces of artwork offering the 'vision of Christmas' of top artists and designers were displayed. Over 250 people attented the opining (incl. press).


There will be plenty of opportunities to discover those 14 'Christmas Trees', which will be exhibited in art galleries at Galerie Rivoli in (20-26 November, Brussels). A selection of the artwork will be then displayed in stores and galleries at Les Nocturnes du Sablon (26-29 November, Brussels).

On the 30th of November 2015, each unique piece will be auctioned in support of BIG against breast cancer at The Hotel. Brussels. All pieces offer a very unique perspective and charm. For further information on the pieces and their creators, see here

'The Designers’ Christmas Trees' has become an unmissable annual event in Belgium, lighting up the social calendars of fashion, art and design enthusiasts from across the country. This year, in Paris, Les Sapins de Noël des Créateurs will celebrate their 20th anniversary, originally created by Marie-Christiane Marek. This event creates a special link between artistic innovation and the innovation required to progress in the field of breast cancer research.


'Vision of the traditional Christmas Tree', by Stella McCartney

The fashion designer Stella McCartney has created a bright, light and contemporary tree that captures the fun of Christmas. For the second year, she created a unique piece, which will be auctioned on 30th November as part of The Designers’ Christmas Trees 3rd Belgian edition.

Stella McCartney: 'There are so many women affected by breast cancer and even more people affected by the loss of the incredible women in their lives. It doesn’t just affect the person with the illness, but affects everyone around them and their loved ones. Being able to support BIG’s work for breast cancer research and Prof. Martine Piccart’s tireless efforts is one of the many small ways that I can help battle the terrible disease.'

'Vision of the traditional Christmas Tree', by Hans Op de Beeck

Internationally renowned artist Hans Op De Beeck’s sculpture for The Designers’ Christmas Trees 3rd Belgian edition, entitled 'Christmas Tree', represents the post-Christmas scene. This moving display shows a certain emptiness after the party, like something petrified in time.