Cancer Trials Ireland - Together, we're finding answers to cancer

To co-coincide with International Clinical Trials Day (20 May 2016), Cancer Trials Ireland (formerly known as the All-Ireland Cooperative Oncology Research group – ICORG) launched an independent report on the health and economic impacts of cancer trials in Ireland. Cancer Trials Ireland wants to increase the proportion of patients on clinical trials from 3% to 5%. The independent report commissioned by Cancer Trials Ireland estimates that the €3.63m funding from the exchequer and other grants allocated to cancer trials this year will save the Health Service Executive (HSE) at last €6.5m in cancer drug costs.

In summary, the report highlights the huge impact Cancer Trials Ireland’s work is having. Their work not only contributes to the health and well-being of people diagnosed with cancer and takes us closer to finding the answers to cancer, it also makes a substantial contribution to the economy and Ireland’s position as a location for world class health research.

The "Just Ask" Campaign


The theme of this year's International Clinical Trials Day – Just Ask! – is another strand of Cancer Trials Ireland’s work in this area. The aim is to encourage patients and their families to ask their doctors and healthcare professionals about cancer trials. The Just Ask campaign’s ambition is to make the organisation more open and approachable to cancer patients who want to know if there are new treatments for them.

New name and logo - Cancer Trials Ireland


Cancer Trials Ireland was formerly known as the All-Ireland Cooperative Oncology Research group – ICORG. Both the new name and the icon are supported with the strap line – Together, which reflects the fact that patients and researchers are working together, we are findings answers to cancer – which is the counter point to the question. This reflects that Cancer Trials Ireland’s endeavour is a collective enterprise – it requires working together not only within Ireland but on a global scale.

Member of the BIG Network


Cancer Trials Ireland is part of the BIG network. BIG encompasses 56 member groups worldwide, which are breast cancer focused collaborative research groups or data centres. Some BIG groups are regional, some are national and several are international. Each is associated with several to several hundred member hospitals and investigators. This represents several thousand institutions worldwide.