BIG Research in Focus n° 8: Fighting breast cancer around the globe: the Middle East

Intro text: 


- 30 March 2018 - 


This issue of BIG Research in Focus is the first of a series focused on BIG representatives from different regions around the world who share their experience and insights about breast cancer research in their part of the globe.

With a total population of over 400 million people and a highly trained clinical workforce, Middle Eastern countries have the potential to make a substantial contribution to breast cancer research. In the Feature section of this newsletter, breast cancer experts from Egypt, Iran and Israel discuss the various challenges they face in conducting clinical trials and the specific needs of their patients. They also highlight the many opportunities they see for the future of international breast cancer research.

The second article portrays Prof Bella Kaufman’s personal story of being a devoted breast oncologist, as well as being a woman living with metastatic breast cancer.

Following the recent governance review and the new structure implemented at BIG headquarters, Drs Carolyn Straehle and Theodora Goulioti reflect on the expansion of the network and its achievements, and express their vison for the future of the organisation.

Finally, and thanks to the precious contribution of the 59 collaborative member groups constituting the network, this issue will give you a peek at some of their activities, including both their own trials and those run under the BIG umbrella.

We hope you will enjoy the reading!