- 6 December 2021 -

Art’is Big for breast cancer research

This December the art gallery Art’is Big, located in Waterloo, is supporting BIG and breast cancer research!

Last year, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, Marianne Goffard opened an art gallery for one month, with the idea to offer artists a place to exhibit their work in an artistic pop-up.
One year later, Art’is Big has grown out to be more than a temporary pop-up. The art gallery become a place where artists, writers and charity can meet.

"Voyage" Exhibition
Throughout the month of December the gallery exhibits various wonderful artists who support BIG by donating a part of the benefits from the sale of their art pieces.

Wondering who these artists are? Come and meet...

Where can I see their work and support BIG? Meet us at the What Gallery, Chaussée de Bruxelles 238, 1410 Waterloo

Let's discover the extraordinary artists who think BIG. We hope to see you there!