APHINITY: Call for Research Proposals

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Following the APHINITY Translational Advisory Committee (TAC) and Steering Committee (SC) meetings and the public presentation of the primary analysis at ASCO 2017, it has been agreed to open a call for research proposals.   

At this stage, the below listed samples and/or data will be made available for research proposals.

  • Clinical data generated at the cut-off for primary analyses,

  • Biologic Samples:

    • Serum (serial sampling); volume 2.5 ml, for timepoints, please refer to Appendix 1

    • Tissue Micro Arrays (TMAs); FFPE Tissue,  core diameter 1mm, most with 4 cores per block

    • Whole blood for germline DNA analyses

    • Whole blood for biomarker analyses, excluding germline DNA

    • Genomic data, i.e.  data from the central analysis of Biological Samples (namely, “Biological Samples’ Derived Data”), consisting of RNA sequencing (whole transcriptome sequencing) and DNA sequencing  (targeted sequencing applying the FMOne panel). 

As per the APHINITY policy for access to study data and biological samples’ the following processes will be followed depending on the type of research proposal submitted:

  • the research proposals requesting access to clinical data only will be reviewed directly by the SC, with approval by SC needed to release the requested data

  • the research proposals requesting access to biological samples or access to samples-derived data (in combination or not with Study Data), will be reviewed by the  TAC , and a positive recommendation by TAC and approval by SC are required for release of the requested samples and/or data.

Please feel free to circulate this information among colleagues or collaborators who may be interested in submitting their research proposals.

The deadline for submission of proposals for this call is October 15th, 2017.

Find below the 2 Application Forms for either;

Depending on the research proposal, the applicants must fill the appropriate form, providing all required information, according to the instructions on the form, within the predefined deadline.

All research proposals must be submitted to the Research Assistant from Frontier Science Scotland Janette Mackay at: prior to the deadline.

Please note that upon favourable outcome of the scientific review process of your research proposal, provision of the data and/or biological samples will be feasible upon signature of the respective data transfer and or material transfer agreement (DTA and/or MTA respectively). Importantly, the legal agreements need to be signed by your institution and there will be no negotiations about them.

Should you have any questions regarding the procedure for application, please also refer to the “Policy for Access to Study Data and Biological samples” document, which is also available on the APHINITY web portal, and also on request to the Research Assistant on the above email address. 

APHINITY study team 


Appendix 1: Samples and sampling timepoints for Aphinity