ALTTO – Translational Research Proposals Call opened for Residual Biological Material

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The (Neo)ALTTO Steering Committee decided to open a call for Translational Research Proposals using Residual Biological Material from the ALTTO study.  

The deadline for submission of proposals for this call is September 15th, 2017. For this call, in addition to access to Data, access to the following Residual Biological samples can be requested:

  • TMAs from 6796 patients (most with 4 cores)

Applicants must fill in the submission form below, providing all required information, according to the instructions on the form:

Research Project Proposals requiring access to Residual Biological Material must be submitted to Frontier Science Scotland at:

For more details on the application and review process, please refer to the "Policy for Access to Residual Biological Material and Data" document :

Please feel free to circulate this information among colleagues and collaborators who may be interested in submitting proposals.

The ALTTO study team