"BIG Time for Baby" trial makes progress: thanks to you, already 21 healthy babies were born.

Intro text: 

In 2014 finally a prospective clinical trial ‘BIG Time for Baby’ (or POSITIVE, the official scientific name of the study) was launched for young women with breast cancer who wish to have a baby.

Young breast cancer patients often face the disease before having addressed their family planning; they may not have time to wait for 5 to 10 years of treatment completion before considering pregnancy. The 'BIG Time for Baby' trial might provide a solution. It investigates endocrine therapy interruption, to enable conception for young women between 18 and 42 years of age with endocrine-responsive early breast cancer. They all received adjuvant endocrine therapy for 18 to 30 months and wish to attempt pregnancy.


At the end of February 2018, 212 patients enrolled in the study, in 17 countries. Today there are already 21 healthy babies born.


Support this study and give HOPE.

This trial is a unique opportunity to gather definitive and prospective research data regarding the safety of pregnancy after breast cancer, something that is currently missing.