15 years of collaboration to move breast cancer research forward

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Since founding BIG in 1999, 15 years have passed. 15 years of collaboration to move breast cancer research forward while reducing duplication of effort. Moving more globally, more rapidly and more innovatively towards better treatments and finding cures. Find out more in BIG's Annual Report 2014 now available online.

In 2014 BIG was delighted to celebrate this 15th anniversary year with you: members, partners, supporters and donors. Everything that we achieved during the last decade and a half, was possible because we did it TOGETHER.

Together, we have run landmark trials with a real impact on patient lives.

Together, we have changed practice in the treatment of women and men affected by breast cancer.

Together, with the breakthrough technologies at our disposal and considering recent findings about the molecular complexity and heterogeneity of breast cancer, we are able to conduct the most innovative research.

Together, we are able to build close collaborations with our pharmaceutical partners, all the while following the same Principles of Research Conduct that are the pillars of our mission, safeguarding our patients’ interests and leading to highly credible results.

"It is your collaboration and your support that has made all of this possible"

We now have an obligation to continue to join forces and succeed together in the future. We know we can continue to count on the strong collaborative spirit among researchers around the world and on your support to achieve our common vision: find a cure for breast cancer.

We will not stop our efforts. Patients need us. And we need all of you to achieve even more in the next fifteen years.