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BIG Research in Focus - Fighting breast cancer around the globe; Central and Eastern Europe

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Fighting breast cancer around the globe: Central and Eastern Europe

The latest issue of BIG Research in Focus is now available.

In the feature article of this newsletter, breast cancer experts from Central and Eastern Europe discuss recent progress, on-going studies and future strategies of breast cancer research in their region. 
Breast cancer is less common in Central and Eastern Europe than in other parts of Europe. Delayed diagnosis and limited access to newer treatments have resulted in poorer outcomes in many parts of the region. The ratio of mortality is also less favourable than in the rest of Europe, and the gap is not getting smaller. The most likely reason is the lower rate of women participating in breast screening, so cancers are diagnosed at a later stage than in other countries.

For this edition, the themed article, by science writer Jenny Bryan, includes interviews by Professor Jacek Jassem (Poland), Professor Gunta Purkalne (Latvia), Doctor Tanja Španić (Slovenia) and Professor Giorgi Dzagnidze (Georgia). They provide us with their insights into breast cancer research in their countries, and in Central and Eastern Europe in general.
Thanks to the precious contribution of BIG’s 57 collaborative member groups constituting the network, this issue also gives you a peek at some of their activities, including both their own trials and those run under the BIG umbrella.

Finally, an overview of all the clinical studies and trials run within the BIG network is provided.

We hope you will enjoy the reading!

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Fighting breast cancer around the globe: Central and Eastern Europe

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