European Health and Digital Executive Agency Renews Support for BIG’s Research

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For the second consecutive year, the European Health and Digital Executive Agency and the EU has affirmed its commitment to supporting breast cancer research conducted by the Breast International Group (BIG). This award of an Operating Grant in 2024 marks a pivotal moment in breast cancer research, providing indispensable co-funding to support the activities that facilitate academic research.

The Operating Grant awarded by HaDEA will serve as a cornerstone for many of the Breast International Group’s activities throughout 2024.

Striving to enhance expert collaboration, public outreach, and Patient partner involvement to Advance breast cancer Research excellence and Knowledge for and with patients” (BIG-SPARK), the natural progression from BIG-SCOPE, will enable us to build on the positive momentum generated in 2023. A main objective is to further develop processes to standardise and implement patient involvement in the collaborative early-stage development of new BIG clinical trials. Additionally, BIG will engage in active outreach to communicate and discuss these activities throughout the international research community and the general public. This will serve to advance breast cancer research excellence and knowledge, for and with patients, ultimately contributing to optimising healthcare activities and practices. It will help the EU implement its broader policy objectives and address many of its health challenges, which include improving patients’ rights and enhancing access to quality, patient-centred, outcome-based healthcare.

In expressing gratitude for HaDEA‘s continued investment, Dr. Theodora Goulioti, CEO of BIG Headquarters, emphasised the significance of this co-funding for core activities essential for driving progress towards improved breast cancer care. “We extend our sincere appreciation to HaDEA for their forward-thinking support. Together, we are not merely confronting a disease; we are shaping a future where breast cancer is no longer a global threat.”

This initiative highlights the significance of collective action in advancing cancer research. With support from HaDEA and the EU, BIG is driving a transformative shift in the landscape of breast cancer treatment.




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