Your engagement, energy and creativity makes a BIG difference in the lives of the patients we serve

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BIG is a credible partner that values transparency and scientific excellence – many of our clinical trials are landmark and practice-changing. Our team works meticulously to ensure that every cent is accounted for, and then provides reports for our donors.

Partnering with BIG is also a great opportunity to mobilise and engage employees to help fight a disease that impacts many lives.

As well as helping to do good, supporting BIG against breast cancer can help our business in many ways.
For example, it helps define our corporate identity and enhances employee relations and motivation.

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Give a pink touch to your CSR policy

Knowing breast cancer affects 1 woman in 8, your company can be confronted with the disease too. You can contribute to finding better treatments and ultimately save lives.


Dedicate a % of your sales

You can assign a % of your sales (or margin or profit) to a BIG project. (ex: it can be limited to one product for a limited time period, associated with a media campaign, or linked to your growth)


Offer visibility

You can support our sensitisation and fundraising campaigns by offering us media visibility. (ex: offer media space, sponsor advertising material, have BIG benefit from your media deals)


Mobilise and engage your employees

Why not organise a sensitisation/information workshop for your employees?  Would the athletic ones be open to a race-swim-bike-hike event in support of breast cancer research?


Make a donation

Make a donation on behalf of your organisation directly through our website or make a bank transfer to our account: (IBAN) BE57 5230 8072 9135.


Sponsor a BIG event

You could sponsor one of our events because the public attending corresponds to your target group, or is an opportunity to invite key customers and prospects.

Let's make plans to change the future

We are grateful to the many companies, brands, businesses and employees involved in the fight against breast cancer. Their engagement, energy and creativity makes a BIG difference in the lives of the patients we serve.

Do you have an idea that you would like to discuss with us? Please contact and let's make plans to change the future.

Babiage for mothers-to-be

The Doodoo, baby’s best friend, is a cuddly toy helping the little ones and their parents to catch a good night's sleep. Since 2016, a percentage of the Rabbit cuddly toy has been donated to support mothers-to-be in the BIG Time for Baby study.


Cameleon goes BIG in October

During Pink October, customers of CAMELEON were invited to round up the amount of their purchases to support breast cancer research, an action that was welcomed by many clients and staff members. 

CAMELEON also hosted the first edition of BIG’s Shadow & Light, an event during which the work of young Belgian designers was auctioned in support of BIG’s research.