Hilde Dosogne breaks Guinness World Record

Hilde dosogne breaks guinness record

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Ultrarunner Hilde Dosogne broke Guinness World Record of 150 consecutive marathons run by a woman, raising precious funds for BIG against breast cancer to support breast cancer research.

History was made in Ghent on the night of 30 May 2024! The Belgian Hilde Dosogne, better known as “Marathon Woman”, broke the Guinness World Record (GWR) for the most consecutive marathons run by a woman (to be ratified by GWR). Surpassing the current GWR of 150 marathons held by the Australian Erchana Murray-Bartlett, Hilde has completed an astonishing 151 consecutive marathons since 1 January 2024. Her application for ratification of the record by GWR will be submitted at the end of her impressive streak of consecutive marathons as she’s not planning to stop any time soon.


A marathon a day … Hilde embarked on her marathon challenge on 1 January 2024, running a full marathon every day, no matter the weather or conditions. Her perseverance, determination and unparalleled athleticism helped her achieve this monumental feat. What sets Hilde apart from other women attempting to break the same record is that the majority of her marathons were run at a pace exceeding 10 km/h (6.2 miles/h), allowing her to finish in just over 4 hours each day. To put this into perspective, in terms of total distance covered since 1 January, it’s comparable to running from Ghent all the way to New Delhi, India, spanning about 6,450 km.


“Every marathon is a new challenge, but the support of my family, friends and fans gives me the strength to continue. Additionally, my commitment to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research serves as another powerful motivation to push through each day,” says Hilde. “This accomplishment is a testament to what is possible with the right mindset and support. Throughout it all, my credo is ‘Believe You Can’, empowering me to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals.”

Hilde and BIG against breast cancer – miles for a mission

Hilde’s incredible journey of 151 marathons in 151 consecutive days (and counting) is more than just a personal challenge. It is also a vital initiative to raise awareness and funds for BIG against breast cancer, supporting academic breast cancer studies run by the Le Breast International Group (BIG). So far, she has raised € 18,000 via her MoveforBIG fundraiser. Everyone can support her cause.

She adds: “I began fundraising for BIG against breast cancer after being profoundly moved by the story of Joëlle Thils, a friend and fellow runner who completed the Marathon des Sables in 2017. After 14 years of being cancer-free, her breast cancer had returned and spread to her brain. I am touched by the way she always remains positive in life, despite the heavy impact the disease has on her. Joëlle exemplifies courage, and it’s her resilience that fuels my determination to support BIG against breast cancer, and everyone affected by this disease. Research is paramount, and Joëlle’s story reinforces its importance”.

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