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Empowering breast cancer research accross Europe and beyond.

What are EU4H Operating Grants?

EU4Health Programme Operating Grants: fostering health initiatives
EU4Health Programme Operating Grants, administered by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), aim to bolster health initiatives across the European Union. By supporting NGOs active in the field of health, these grants contribute to the continuity of work that aligns with the EU’s broader health policy objectives, fostering collaboration, innovation, and progress in healthcare research and practice.

Leveraging EU support for breast cancer research
The Breast International Group (BIG) has been awarded EU4Health Programme Operating Grants to advance its mission of enhancing academic breast cancer research. Through strategic initiatives like BIG-SCOPE and BIG-SPARK, BIG has been leveraging EU support to strengthen expert collaboration, patient engagement, public outreach, and fundraising efforts, thereby contributing to improved breast cancer outcomes and aligning with EU health policy goals.
The co-funding provided by the EU4Health Programme significantly enhances BIG’s capacity to continue its vital work, ensuring its sustainability as a leading entity in independent academic breast cancer research across Europe and beyond.

Activities under BIG-SCOPE being further developed under BIG-SPARK include:

  • Gestion scientifique et opérationnelle des projets et soutien aux activités connexes pour la Direction générale de BIG, y compris les réunions connexes (Conseil exécutif, Assemblée générale, réunions scientifiques).
  • Gestion scientifique et opérationnelle des projets et soutien aux activités connexes (plateforme web dédiée, réunions, programme de formation) pour le Patient Partnership Initiative de BIG.
  • Gestion de projet et soutien connexe pour les communications orientées scientifiquement de BIG (activités de presse, publications, webinaires).
  • Gestion de projet et soutien connexe pour les activités philanthropiques de BIG visant à collecter des fonds pour la recherche académique de BIG (gouvernance, événements, communications, campagnes, réseaux sociaux, collecte de fonds numérique), y compris la campagne de sensibilisation Pink October de BIG.
  • Gestion de projet et soutien philanthropique/communications connexe pour assurer une diffusion et une visibilité appropriées du soutien de l'UE.



Strengthening expert collaboration, patient partnerships, and public outreach to increase recherche académique sur le cancer du sein améliore les traitements et conduit à des guérisons.


From 01 February 2023 until 31 December 2023


BIG-SCOPE, initiated under the EU4Health Programme Operating Grant, was dedicated to fortifying BIG’s academic research capacities in breast cancer. By enhancing governance structures, fostering patient engagement, amplifying communications, and driving fundraising initiatives, BIG-SCOPE empowered BIG to further its mission to advance patient-centred research endeavours.



European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA).

BIG-SCOPE was co-funded under an operating grant from the European Union’s EU4Health programme (HaDEA), agreement n° 101124555


Striving to enhance expert collaboration, public outreach and Patient partner involvement to Advance breast cancer Research excellence and Knowledge for AND with patients.

From 01 February 2024 until 31 December 2024


BIG-SPARK, the natural progression from BIG-SCOPE, will enable us to build on the positive momentum generated in 2023. A main objective is to further develop processes to standardise and implement patient involvement in the collaborative early-stage development of new BIG clinical trials. In addition, BIG will engage in active outreach to communicate and discuss those activities throughout the international research community and the general public. This will serve to advance breast cancer research excellence and knowledge, for and with patients, and will ultimately contribute to optimising healthcare activities and practices. It will help the EU implement its broader policy objectives and address many of its health challenges, which include improving patients’ rights and enhancing access to quality, patient-centred, outcome-based healthcare. 



European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA).

BIG-SPARK is being co-funded by the European Union under an operating grant from the European Union’s EU4Health programme under agreement No 101175705.


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