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New BIG Research in Focus - POSITIVE

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The latest edition of BIG Research in Focus highlights the POSITIVE trial. Clic here to discover it.

This study focuses on the safety of pausing endocrine therapy for young women with breast cancer who wish to conceive. The early results, presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in 2022, show that women who interrupt their endocrine therapy for approximately two years have a comparable risk of breast cancer recurrence to those who do not interrupt treatment.  To shed some light on the topic, medical journalist Jenny Bryan interviewed several experts, including Professors Olivia Pagani, Ann Partridge, David Cameron, Richard Gelber, Monica Ruggeri and Tanja Spanic.

Furthermore, the BIG Network section of the newsletter provides an overview of activities carried out by BIG Headquarters (HQ) and includes news from BIG members. At BIG’s General Assembly on 16th January 2023, ITMO (Italian Trials in Medical Oncology) was admitted as an Effective (voting) Member of BIG. The group was warmly welcomed.

The newsletter also includes an overview of the activities carried out by BIG against breast cancer, which is BIG’s dedicated philanthropy unit within BIG HQ.

L'essai Clinical Trials and Activities section gives an update on BIG trials, their status and abstracts presented at major conferences such as ESMO, ASCO, EBCC and SABCS. It also provides an overview of recently published manuscripts.

L'essai Other Trials and Activities by BIG Member Groups section highlights BIG member’s research and related activities around the world.

Finally, the Current Studies Run within the BIG Network section presents an overview table with the status of the BIG trials and research programmes.

Overall, the latest edition of BIG Research in Focus offers valuable insights into the latest breast cancer research and the activities carried out by BIG and its members.


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Interview with Prof Beat ThĂĽrlimann

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POSITIVE study reached target accrual

On 2 January 2020, the POSITIVE study (public name: BIG Time for Baby) met its target accrual, enrolling 518 patients from 203 centres from 20 countries