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During Pink October, BIG and EORTC organised two interactive webinars on breast cancer

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During Pink October or the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BIG united forces with the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of international research. The successful collaboration between both international not-for-profit organisations resulted in two interesting and educational webinars, one addressed to the general public and the other one to all breast cancer experts.

The first webinar “I Have Metastatic Breast Cancer: what is my future?” took place on Wednesday 13 October with key speakers Fatima CardosoEva SchumacherPhilippe Aftimos et Frederieke van Duijnhoven. 110 participants joined us for an one-hour webinar filled with interesting questions and valuable insights.

The webinar started with Dr Cardoso giving facts and figures about advanced breast cancer, highlighting the current challenges and the need to offer better treatments to the patients affected by the disease. It was followed by the testimonial of Eva, who explained what it actually means for her to live with metastatic breast cancer. Then Drs Aftimos and van Duijnhoven gave a summary of the research that is being conducted by EORTC and BIG.

You could not attend? Watch the recording here.

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On Tuesday 26 October, during the last days of Pink October, EORTC and BIG organised a second webinar entitled “Early Breast Cancer: new strategies to optimise adjuvant endocrine treatment” and addressed to all healthcare professionals interested in breast cancer research and treatment.

Dr Michail Ignatiadis began the webinar with a brief introduction, followed by an interesting presentation on new RNA-based approaches in HR+/HER2-negative breast cancer by Dr Aleix Prat. After that, Dr Etienne Brain took over with his presentation “Extended adjuvant endocrine treatment: how long and in whom?”. The webinar ended with an interactive Q&A session between our key speakers and the 55 attendees. Rewatch the expert webinar here.

Thank you to our experts and the many participants who contributed to our EORTC-BIG webinars, your collaboration and interest made this a fruitful and interactive session!

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