Woman affected by breast cancer with her family
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Alone you go faster, together we go further!

It is mainly thanks to the precious support of foundations that we were able to maintain the financing of the participation of patients in BIG’s trials.

…American women – but today about half of their members are from other nationalities. They have a rich history of supporting local and international charities, providing a social support network for expats living in Belgium.

… private funder of breast cancer research in the world. Investing in the best minds in science—from those investigating prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, and metastasis—and fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration, BCRF’s approach accelerates the entire field and moves us closer to the answers we urgently need to be the end of breast cancer. A loyal partner of BIG, BCRF has, over many years, provided generous funding to support the BIG Metastatic Breast Cancer GPS programme (scientific name: AURORA), as well as many other projects. Learn more at

…workforce needs and develop actionable solutions so that all individuals can benefit from the global digital economy. They care deeply about unlocking human potential, and are determined to improve everyday life and apply their technology and business expertise to help tackle global problems.

…charitable organisations such as foundations and associations as well as companies based in Germany with charitable commitments abroad – without great administrative effort, legally secure and tax-deductible.

…The objectives of the Eurofins Foundation have been proposed based on existing commitments of the global Eurofins community: contributing to global health and safety and protecting the environment.

…all sort of initiatives, scientific research and information campaigns that contribute more generally to fighting cancer. For several years now, Fondation Cancer, Luxembourg, has been a strong supporter of BIG’s research, contributing to the BIG Metastatic Breast Cancer GPS programme (scientific name: AURORA).

“Research is vital in oncology, it provides hope. I am regularly asked by patients in my consultations about whether there are any new advances and what drugs are coming onto the market. It is only by promoting research that we can move forward. This is one of the Foundation’s main aims. Supporting BIG against breast cancer (BIG) goes without saying.” – Dr Carole Bauer, President of Fondation Cancer Luxembourg.

…cancer on a national scale in Belgium. It plays an important role in three areas, in complete independence and transparency: science, support for patients and their relatives, screening and prevention.

… and elsewhere in the world.

The Foundation is an actor for change and innovation, serving the public interest and increasing social cohesion. We endeavour to maximise our impact through capacity building among organisations and people who contribute to building a better society. We encourage effective philanthropy among individuals and businesses in Belgium, Europe and around the world.

…this charitable trust was created to encourage, promote, and foster human excellence in Belgium, with a diligent but open approach to social development. Over the years, and through the allocation of grants, prizes and scholarships, the organisation has increased its scope of action focusing on five pillars: health, culture, education, environment, and sports. All the projects and initiatives supported in each field have a Belgian dimension.

…a large and diverse audience through different channels in retail and online, offering a wide range of appealing draw and scratch games. We want our players to feel connected to the Good Causes we can support thanks to them. Because our players are very diverse, we choose to support a very large variety of causes in our society, going from culture over civil society projects to extensive scientific research.

The Belgian National Lottery provided funding for the BIG Radio Tuning study (scientific name: EXPERT) from 2018 to 2021 and renewed its commitment to BIG in 2021 to support BIG Metastatic Breast Cancer GPS programme (scientific name: AURORA).

“BIG against breast cancer is one of those Good Causes which is dear to the hearts of many Belgians, including myself. The fact is that we all know someone in our surroundings that has been directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer or any other kind of cancer. It goes without saying that we will not hesitate to contribute to improving patient survival, quality of life and finding the most appropriate treatment for every patient. Thanks to all our players the Belgian National Lottery can offer much more than just games. Together we can make a difference” – Jannie Haek, CEO of Belgian National Lottery.

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…essence. It aims to support actions that increase the well-being of men and women, regardless of their age, origin, nationality, philosophy or religion.

It seeks to satisfy needs that are felt in society and for which public institutions have no possibilities of intervention.

It aims to contribute financially, in accordance with its purpose and according to its resources, to the realisation of humanitarian projects in line with its mission.

and their families.

Think Pink has four clearly defined objectives: to inform and to raise awareness, to defend patients’ rights, to fund scientific research into breast cancer, to fund care and aftercare programmes.