Valentine’s Day Raffle

Valentine's raffle

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An exceptional raffle to celebrate an exceptional love 

Surprise your significant other with raffle tickets and a chance to win a unique and eco-friendly Citroën AMI while supporting breast cancer research.

A technological jewel, the Citroën AMI is 100 % electric, fun, ultra-compact and easy to drive, so you can get around the city with ease.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Belgium; today, breast cancer represents 1 in 4 cancers diagnosed among women globally.

The goal of this raffle: all funds raised will be dedicated to the Breast International Group’s research against breast cancer, and in particular studies that are not financed by the pharmaceutical industry, such as AURORA, EXPERT or POSITIVE.

The sale of 1500 raffle tickets at 50€ each represents the participation of 45 patients in one of these studies over a one-year period, as well as all the related work.

Practical information
A total of 1,500 tickets at €50 each will go on sale from 25 January and until 14 February 2023 at 18h00 (or until all tickets are sold).

The draw will take place on 15 February 2023 in the presence of a bailiff and the lucky winner will be notified by phone.

Please note that this is a raffle, and tickets are not tax deductible.

Terms & Conditions

Make a BIG impact this Valentine’s Day!

* This raffle is authorised by the Royal Decree dated 20 November 2022 and published on 1 December 2022 in the Belgian Official Gazette (Moniteur Belge).

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