Fanny Leeb - French singer located in montreux in support of breast cancer research

4860 notes, for one song of hope for women and men with breast cancer.

7 September till 31 October 2020

You can help push forward breast cancer research and give a song of hope, note by note, to all the women and men whose lives are impacted by breast cancer.

Sponsor notes from the song Show them how it goes by Fanny Leeb, a unique composition for BIG against breast cancer, and support three of BIG’s purely academic breast cancer studies: Metastatic GPS (AURORA), BIG Time for Baby (POSITIVE), and BIG Radio-tuning (EXPERT).

BIG is trying to change the tune by conducting international studies around the world to find cures for breast cancer.

These trials aim to improve the lives of people impacted by this terrible disease.

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