“Colours of India”, a unique gala evening in support of BIG’s research

People attending to a gala in a venue

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The “Colours of India” Gala at Autoworld Brussels was a dazzling success, bringing together supporters in a united effort against breast cancer. Hosted by Doctors Martine Piccart and David Cameron, along with the dedicated Committee of Ambassadors, the event celebrated both unity and generosity.

Gratitude was extended to attendees for their unwavering support, and numerous “touches of India” transformed the Gala into a vibrant affair. The evening, held at Autoworld Brussels in Parc du Cinquantenaire, featured a cocktail reception and  dinner, interspersed with an auction, raffle, and traditional Indian dance..

The Gala not only raised awareness but also crucial funds for BIG’s breast cancer research, contributing directly to the quest for a cure. The success of the event reflects a community’s commitment to making a tangible impact.

The organisers express heartfelt thanks to all contributors, emphasising that collective efforts pave the way for a future free from breast cancer.

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