Collaboration is the key for research, and BIG is all about collaboration

BIG aims to facilitate breast cancer research internationally by stimulating cooperation worldwide.

Together we are stronger

To fight disease in the most efficient way, global collaboration between BIG and all key players in the research process is essential.

Collaboration is key for research, and BIG is all about collaboration!

Patients’ needs and quality of life are at the heart of BIG’s activities. BIG’s relationship with patient advocates started in the early 2000s with Europa Donna. In 2019 BIG initiated its Patient Partnership Initiative (PPI), the main objectives being to broaden and elevate BIG’s interaction with patients as partners.

Since 2005, BIG has been working closely with the NCI national clinical trials network (NCTN), a network of major US and Canadian-based research groups supported by the US national cancer institute (NCI).

Today, the majority of clinical trials are funded by the pharmaceutical industry to test the effectiveness of new drugs. Some of these trials are run together with BIG, following BIG's strict principles of research conduct.