Metastatic breast cancer GPS (scientific name: AURORA)

Intro text: 

Just as a GPS guidance system helps you locate and avoid traffic problems, finding the best route to your destination, the GPS programme aims to identify breakdowns (genetic aberrations) and to map the routes that cancer cells take to invade other organs. Knowing this, we can stop them, or change their route by choosing the best possible treatment.

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In 2018 an estimated 623.000 people in the world died because their breast cancer metastasized.

The GPS programme is an innovative, international study set up to enable us to understand both why breast cancer metastasises and why some patients respond very well to standard treatment, while others respond poorly. This will help us to find more personalised treatments and cures for women and men affected by metastatic disease.

Help us map the routes to stop or slow down metastatic breast cancer.

AURORA is made possible in part by generous grants from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF), Fondation Cancer (Luxembourg), National Lottery (Belgium), NIF Foundation, Barrie and Deena Webb, Candriam, Fondation Futur 21, Sogerim, Think Pink Belgium (SMART Fund) and many individual donors. AURORA has also been supported by the Fund Friends of BIG, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.