BIG Radio Tuning (scientific name: EXPERT)

Intro text: 

Which women could be spared from radiotherapy following breast conserving surgery? Generally, in the treatment of breast cancer, after surgically removing the tumour, radiation therapy will be administered to patients to limit the risk of relapse. However, not all patients benefit from this therapy

The aim of the BIG Radio Tuning study is to better analyse the risk profile of tumours to identify which women could safely avoid radiation therapy after surgery in the future.

To do this, the tumours of patients potentially interested in the study will be analysed for risk of recurrence using a genetic test of 50 genes. Those qualifying as low-risk according to the test will then receive either endocrine therapy alone or endocrine therapy plus radiotherapy. The study hopes to show that both groups do well and that therefore patients classified as low-risk according to the 50-gene test may be spared radiotherapy in the future. In 2018, 28 of about 90 hospitals that will participate in the study got on board. 

BIG Radio Tuning is known in the scientific community as EXPERT.

This study is funded by Breast Cancer Trials – Australia & New Zealand (BCT-ANZ) (sponsor) and the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, Loterie Nationale (Belgium), plus your generous donations.

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