Breast cancer: What do I need to know?

Breast cancer what do I need to know - educational session

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Public educational session – Breast cancer: What do I need to know?

The month of October is international breast cancer awareness month. Therefore, on Tuesday 29 October, the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) and the Breast International Group (BIG against breast cancer) organised a public educational session that was attended by about 40 participants.

The aim of this session was to raise awareness about breast cancer, highlight the importance of global breast cancer research, demonstrate the progress that has been made, and illustrate the promising future that new technologies could offer in treating — and hopefully curing breast cancer.

The session included the following five presentations:

  • The BIG picture of breast cancer and the importance of international collaboration in cancer research, by Dr Martine Piccart – BIG founder, former president of the EORTC and breast cancer oncologist at Institut Jules Bordet.
  • The importance and impact of breast cancer clinical trials, by Dr Michail Ignatiadis – secretary of the EORTC Breast Cancer Group and breast cancer oncologist at Institut Jules Bordet.
  • The future of breast cancer research and treatment, by Dr Peter Vuylsteke – member of the EORTC Breast Cancer Group and breast cancer oncologist at CHU UCL Namur.
  • Testimonies of male breast cancer patients and presentation of the male breast cancer patients’ association BorstkankerMAN, by Prof. Henk Van daele and Mr. André Pauwels – president and vice president of BorstkankerMAN.
  • Quality of life during and after breast cancer, by Dr Erika Joos – former president of Europa Donna (Belgium) and former breast cancer patient.

During the session, participants – who were a mix of breast cancer patients, advocates, family members, students, researchers and breast cancer specialists – were also able to ask the speakers any questions they had, allowing for a true learning and sharing experience.

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