Strengthening expert collaboration, patient partnerships, and public outreach to increase
awareness about why academic breast cancer research improves treatments and leads to cures

What is BIG-SCOPE?

Running from February through December 2023, BIG SCOPE was an EU4Health Programme Operating Grant (EU4H OG)-supported project that centered on the operational flows of BIG, which underpinned all of the association’s activity. It helped to secure international expert collaboration, patient partnerships, public outreach, and activities to increase awareness of the need to support academic breast cancer research. The teams working at BIG HQ in the domains of R&D, research operations, association management, communications, philanthropy, finances, legal, human resources, and IT serve as the “motor” and “hub” for collaboration between BIG’s extensive network of academic research groups and breast cancer experts, for cooperative efforts with external networks such as the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI)/National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) and International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG), patient advocates, and other stakeholders.

The operating grant enhanced BIG’s ability to continue with such work, contributing both to its long-term sustainability as a leader in independent academic breast cancer research in Europe and beyond, and helping the EU implement its broader policy objectives to address many of its health challenges.


BIG SCOPE project aimed to:

  • Ensure the continued good running of BIG’s activities in 2023, in particular its governance (Executive Board / General Assembly), and its activities in expert collaboration and networking.
  • Deepen the involvement of patients in guiding and informing the clinical research that BIG leads and conducts.
  • Increase communications about what distinguishes BIG within the breast cancer community, and strengthen communications to and relationships with and between BIG members.
  • Raise funds for BIG’s entirely academic studies and related activities by implementing a multi-pronged philanthropic strategy.


Activities that were covered with the EU4Health OG:

  • Scientific & operational project management & related activity support for the General Management & running of BIG, including related meetings (Executive Board, General Assembly, Scientific Meetings)
  • Scientific & operational project management & related activity support (e.g., dedicated web platform, meetings, training programme) for BIG’s Patient Partnership Initiative
  • Project management & related support for BIG’s scientifically oriented communications (e.g., press activities, publications, webinar)
  • Project management & related support for BIG’s philanthropic activities to raise funds for BIG’s academic research (e.g.,  governance, events, communications, campaigns, social media, digital fundraising), including BIG’s Pink October  awareness campaign
  • Project management & philanthropy/ communications related support to ensure appropriate dissemination and visibility of EU support.


Start date:
01 February 2023

End date:
31 December 2023


Europea Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA).

This project was co-funded under an operating grant from the European Union’s EU4Health programme (HaDEA), grant agreement n° 101124555

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