BIG Research in Focus 20 is out!


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This edition of BIG Research in Focus highlights the BIG Patient Partnership Initiative (BIG-PPI). Putting the patient’s voice at the heart of BIG’s research.


Established in 2019, the BIG-PPI aims to integrate patient perspectives into all stages of our breast cancer research. Medical journalist Jenny Bryan conducted interviews with BIG-PPI members and patient representatives spanning Australia & New Zealand, Canada, and Europe. Among those interviewed were Ana Casas, Leslie Gilham, Mairead MacKenzie, and Judy Needham, who graciously shared their experiences, highlighting the importance of patient involvement. Professors Judith Bliss and Boon Chua, both members of the BIG Executive Board, contributed to this comprehensive piece with valuable insights from BIG’s perspective. See from page 2.


The section “BIG Network” presents updates on legal matters, projects, and recent activities, including an article on changes in Belgian legislation affecting BIG member groups, the BIG SCOPE project co-funded by the European Commission, the BIG ASIA collaboration and GBCC 2024 (25-27 April, Grand Walkerhill Seoul, Korea), as well as an update on recent activities carried out by BIG HQ and BIG against breast cancer, BIG’s dedicated philanthropic unit. See from page 10.

BIG research in focus

The section “BIG Clinical Trials and Activities” provides an overview of BIG trials presented at SABCS 2023, as well as recently published manuscripts related to BIG trials. It also showcases research and related activities by BIG member groups around the world. See from page 16.


Finally, you will find the tables with the “Overview of the Current Studies Run within the BIG Network”, from page 32.


BIG research in focus


We hope you enjoy reading this 20th edition of BIG Research in Focus, marking its 10th anniversary. Our inaugural edition in September 2014 featured a themed article on “The clinical potential of liquid biopsy”, with contributions from Drs. Ben Ho Park (Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, USA), Sarah-Jane Dawson (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia), Michail Ignatiadis (Institut Jules Bordet, Belgium), and Françoise Rothé (Breast Cancer Translational Laboratory of the Institut Jules Bordet, Belgium).


Stay tuned for our next edition as we will further explore key topics of the past decades and look toward the future.

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration.

Together, we can change the face of breast cancer.

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