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Act before they're gone!

Support breast cancer
research now.

#BIGagainstbc #BIGMissingCampaign

Please don't ask me why I support BIG and its breast cancer research...
Ask yourself why you don't...

Many take for granted that breast cancer can be cured, with diminishing donations as a result. But the disease still kills, and donations save lives.

Donations save lives by making it possible to carry out research that otherwise could not be done, research addressing specific problems that remains poorly or not at all funded by pharmaceutical companies.

Meanwhile, we feel the absence of those we have lost. By financing research, we work to save individuals and help keep families intact.

Chantal, a woman affected by breast cancer, surrounded by her friends
“Almost two years ago, swiping through some pictures on my phone, I (re)discovered a very sweet moment. Four friends surrounding a special woman, big smiles, happy faces, pure gold. And yet, I was deeply sad that this cherished moment would never happen again… Chantal, one of us, had sadly passed away because of an aggressive breast cancer…”

What is MISSING?

“MISSING” is an awareness initiative of the Breast International Group to remember those women (and men, in 1% of cases) who are no longer with us to attend events, enjoy parties and celebrations, or pose for group photos. Only by supporting research can we fill this unbearable void.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world, with Belgium having the highest incidence worldwide

Group of people, symbol illustrating people diagnosed with breast cancer

±2,3 million People were diagnosed with
breast cancer in 2020.

Female chest, symbol illustrating women diagnosed with breast cancer

1 in 4 Of all new cancer cases
in women worldwide.

Male chest, symbol illustrating men affected by breast cancer

1 in 800 For men, the lifetime risk of
developing breast cancer.

±100 000 Patients have participated in BIG trials. Patients are at the heart of BIG’s research

±60 Academic research groups makeup the largest international network dedicated solely to breast cancer research.

±10 000 Breast cancer specialists work within the BIG network.

>30 Patient-centred clinical trials andresearch programmes are rununder the BIG umbrella at any onetime.

Saving lives and improving care for over 20 years

The Breast International Group (BIG) is an international
not-for-profit organisation that represents the largest network of academic research groups dedicated to finding better treatments and cures for breast cancer.

BIG is focused on today's research, for tomorrow's cures

Our research has already made an impact on patients’ lives around the globe.

You can make a difference; you can help save lives.

94.2% of all funds BIG received in 2021,including from BIG against breast cancer’s philanthropic activity, were spent directly on BIG’s research.

The BIG Missing campaign in a few pictures