Strategy statement

We believe that it is possible to develop cures for breast cancer through global research and collaboration; our mission is therefore to facilitate and accelerate academic breast cancer research at an international level, and to do so by enabling groups to do more than their individual parts.

BIG commits to prioritising research that otherwise would not be possible and cannot be done by one research group alone by:

  • Having a network of collaborative research groups and data centres, represented by their individual members, who are world-class experts in breast cancer research

  • Bringing together these individuals to discuss, prioritise and conduct clinical trials and research programmes that will help address the unmet related needs of individuals with breast cancer, without unnecessarily duplicating efforts

  • Appointing working groups and task forces to develop new research ideas that can only be done within a network such as BIG’s

  • Facilitating access to biosamples and data collected in the context of BIG studies for the conduct of translational research, aiming to optimise individualised diagnosis and treatment
Group of physicians and researchers looking at the camera
  • Providing a headquarters with trained and qualified staff who
    –  work closely with BIG members to plan, develop and run BIG studies and translational research
    – provide support in various forms, ranging from scientific input to legal advice, communications, fundraising, and the organisation of meetings and other events for BIG members and partners

  • Working according to specific research principles that will preserve academic freedom, even when partnering with commercial entities.

With this framework, the BIG network will thrive and conduct research to advance treatments that make a difference to women and men with breast cancer.