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We are BIG HQ

Located in Brussels, the heart of Europe, the BIG headquarters (HQ) consists of five teams of motivated and dedicated people working every day to move BIG’s research agenda forward and provide management support to the executive board and the general assembly.

Who works at BIG HQ?

As a multicultural and multilingual workplace, members of the BIG HQ team, with various origins from all around the world, work closely together in a stimulating environment. Their variety of points of view and ideas result in a rich and diverse team atmosphere. Each one with a different background but sharing the same important visions for the future: to find cures for breast cancer and make a difference in the lives of many women, men and families affected by the disease.

Our Legal team. Every day they deal with legal issues in the organisation and give their advice on multiple matters, from contracts governing studies and other partnerships to studying and advising on the ever-changing legal framework within which we work.

The Finance team plays an important role in managing all of BIG’s financial obligations, such as the many study budgets and that of BIG HQ.  The HR team, in turn,  guides and manages payroll, recruitment and all related HR services, including training. Our IT team, consisting only of three motivated ITers, implements the installation, security, and maintenance of our computer network within BIG HQ, and provides development and support for various technical platforms.

The Research Support team comprises Association, Communication and Philanthropy. The Association team provides support to potential and actual members of BIG, and organizes BIG’s Executive Board, Scientific, and General Assembly meetings, among others. The Communications team, including a unit focused entirely on digital activities, works closely with BIG member groups and the study teams to communicate key messages to the scientific community about the many studies run under the BIG umbrella, as well as other important achievements by BIG members. This work is done through newsletters, special publications , social media and press activities. BIG’s Philanthropy unit, or BIG against breast cancer, conducts vital fundraising – through events, campaigns, partnerships and grants, among other activities – to help finance BIG’s academic clinical trials and research programmes that have no commercial interest but are crucial for patients with breast cancer.

*All of the BIG HQ teams report to BIG’s CEO. Additional support is provided to both the CEO / BIG HQ by an executive assistant, a data protection officer, a quality manager, a prevention officer, and a receptionist.

The R&D team contributes expertise and support related to the scientific and medical aspects of BIG’s clinical trials, research programs and related activities. Their work is done in close collaboration with the Research Operations team, the BIG Executive Board, BIG member groups and all study partners.

The Research Operations team oversees all study activities related to the set-up and coordination of BIG’s clinical studies and research programs. They serve as main study contact for operational activities within BIG HQ and with multiple partners, including BIG member groups, pharmaceutical industry partners, and a variety of vendors.


Mosaic floor illustrating collaboration to find cures for breast cancer
Floor with "Passion led us here" written on it. Join the BIG team.

Our mission is to facilitate and accelerate breast cancer research internationally.

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