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BIG against breast cancer is the philanthropic unit of the Breast International Group (BIG). We are a not-for-profit organisation and the world’s largest international network of academic research groups dedicated to finding cures for breast cancer. For 20 years BIG has been conducting international clinical trials and research programmes to find better treatments against breast cancer.

Global collaboration is crucial to make significant advances in breast cancer research, reduce unnecessary duplication of efforts, share data and enable collaboration between scientists across borders, contribute to the faster development of better treatments, and increase the likelihood of cures for patients.

Today, the BIG network represents a network of over 50 like-minded research groups from around the world. These entities are tied to several thousand specialised hospitals, research centres and world-class breast cancer experts across approximately 70 countries on 6 continents.

We design, conduct and facilitate international clinical trials. The money we raise is directly invested into innovative academic research that makes a BIG difference for patients and their loved ones. Our goal is to improve patient survival and quality of life, by finding the right treatment for every patient.

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