Together, we will cure breast cancer
Save lives by advancing breast cancer research
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BIG is the largest international network
dedicated to breast cancer research
Together, we will find a cure for breast cancer through global research and collaboration
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people diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022 around the world

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of all cancers diagnosed in women is breast cancer

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of all breast cancers are diagnosed in men

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We will find a cure for breast cancer through global research and collaboration

For over 20 years, the BIG network has been conducting global breast cancer trials and research programmes. Many are considered to be landmark, introducing particularly innovative designs, contributing to significant breakthroughs, or paving the way towards more personalised treatment of breast cancer.

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breast cancer specialists

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patients have participated in BIG trials

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academic research groups dedicated to breast cancer research

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patient-centred clinical trials and programmes are run at any one time

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Academic trials that need your support

Donations greater than or equal to € 40 / year receive a 45% tax reduction. This means your donation of €40 only costs you € 22.

These studies hold tremendous potential for patients and promise long-term gains for society, in all regions of the world

Aims to tailor the use of radiotherapy according to each patient’s risk of breast cancer relapse, ultimately hoping to identify those patients who can safely avoid this treatment. The results of this study could influence how 2 in 5 women with breast cancer are treated in the future.

Aims to evaluate whether it is safe for women to interrupt their endocrine therapy to try to conceive after breast cancer. This has been a terrible dilemma to young women wishing to have a child. If treatment is stopped to try to conceive, will it increase the risk of cancer recurrence? This is the kind of question the study intends to address.

Aims to improve our understanding of metastatic breast cancer, to identify genetic breakdowns, and to map the routes that cancer cells take to invade other organs. Its first phase recently completed and a second is being launched to focus on specific subtypes of the disease that are particularly aggressive.

Together we are BIG against breast cancer

You too can have an impact on patients' lives

93,4% of all funds received by BIG in 2023, including funds raised by BIG against breast cancer, went directly to BIG's research.

Set up your own fundraiser and support breast cancer research!

By attending a BIG event, you're not only creating memories, you're also supporting BIG's academic studies.